Guernsey Healing & Spiritual Centre L.B.G. (Charity No. 143)

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I’d like to take this opportunity to let members be aware of the latest development within the Group.


Now that I have fully entered my eighth decade I feel the time is right for the introduction of younger, more vibrant energies to be introduced to the thinking and activities of G.H.S.C.  I have therefore retired as director from the LBG part of the administration and running of our Charity status.  This doesn’t mean you won’t see me around any more…… I’m still on my feet and will always take an active part in the healing sessions and general programme.


Prior to Lockdown we were planning to hold our A.G.M. and Committee  members election.   As with so many other organisations all this was cancelled.  We had reached the stage where due notice had been given and displayed for folk to be nominated for positions on the Committee. Richard Torode and Julie Snell had both been proposed, seconded and accepted the invitation.


Our present members had agreed to continue in their posts, for which they deserve great praise and thanks.   Last week, during stage four, it was decided that Julie be invited to accept the post of Secretary as Pauline Marquis wished to retire.   Richard was invited to replace me on the Charity side and become Chairman as Cathy Gill also wished to retire.  Thankfully both accepted their invitations.


We now have a wonderful combination of the firm base of those long serving members, who have devoted so much of their energy, with some new blood.  I express my admiration and thanks to all the effort and time that has been lovingly poured into G.H.S.C. by the committee members over the years.   A BIG THANK YOU.


I would like to welcome Richard and Julie to the amazing team and wish them all success in the future.

My personal thanks to you, the members, for supporting us over the years.

Love & Blessings, Monica Atkinson. x x

The Guernsey Healing & Spiritual Centre started out over 20 years ago with a group of like minded people meeting in their homes for tea and discussion.


The ‘Free Thinkers’ didn’t want to be tied to any particular creed or religion so it is run solely by willing, dedicated volunteers and is not affiliated with any central body. All of Mankind is welcome here.


The Centre is non denominational, inviting all open minded people to support their own beliefs and allay any traditional fears on following their spiritual paths.


Spiritual Healing has its roots in ancient history from Egypt, Babylon, Greece, Jerusalem and the Orient, where it was practised in their temples of worship. In ancient civilisations, the early medical practitioners were priest-physicians that received their training in temples and learned from temple scholars.


Our aim is to offer Spiritual Healing and upliftment within a loving fellowship. For more information and membership please contact us.

A small seed that grew and branched out over the years