• Anantha Kamath

    Who will pay the interest if the transfer happen mid year?
    Govt or Bank? As per SBI it has to be paid by provisos bank and Syndicate bank say this will be paid by year end only by Govt thru SBI.


    Dear Suresh K P,

    I really like this site you have put up. It’s very clear and transparent.

    My wife had made 6 year National Savings Deposits for Rs. 10,000.00 each on 19.02.10 and matured on 16.02.16. This was done at the Post office in Alipore, Kolkata.

    Earlier this year we were in Kolkata and wanted to get the payment from the Post Office but were told that we could not do it as the Post Office was updating or upgrading their computer systems.

    This was unfortunate as we now live in Singapore and do not go to Kolkata often.

    Kindly advise what to do now? Can we do it also online or get the relevant forms filled up and authorise someone in Kolkata to withdraw the money.

    Appreciate your kind reply and advise.

    Regards :- Arun Shroff, Singapore

  • CC

    How can I transfer PPF account from one bank to another? I have a PPF account with ICICI bank and want to get it transferred to SBI bank

  • Virender Jamwal

    Hi Suresh
    What is your contact number as I want to speak to you about something important .

  • Ankur

    Thanks for your detailed explanation.
    One query please – will the bank consider it as a new PPF account and hence the duration benefit will be lost ?
    Or will the bank consider the existing duration spent in the post office as Valid.

    Please suggest.
    I have had a discussion with my Bank branch and they were not clear on this point.

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