Hi sir already I have opened account for APY and my daughter is nominee. Is that I can open SSA account for my daughter
    Thank you

  • Sarwat

    I’m a daughter of 3 girls and I have sukanya samriddhi account for all my daughter’s. One account is linked with my husband’s account and two daughters with mine. We both are individual tax payers. But I heard that 3rd sukanya samriddhi account will not be valid now what to do??

  • Mayank rawat

    Can we change the money plan in Sukaniya simi ridhi yojna 1000 to 2000 per nmoney I mn open a account in 2017. Pls help

  • manikandan

    am a working profession and my spouse is house wife. I have opened SSA account with guardian name of my wife.

    In tds it is showing if it is associate name only I can claim IT returns.

    As checked with post office, they won’t change the guardian name. Please assist me on this.

  • Magesh

    i am working abroad . my family is with me here.
    can i apply sukanyasimidri plan for my kid?

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