• Bk pandey

    Circular about in case of parents death

  • Manoj Kumar

    I opened 1 account 3 years back but due to some reasons could not continue it. Can I re-continue that account. Or need to open a new one ?

  • ranjith

    My main doubt is that If we open 2 SSY accounts for 2 daughters, Is there any max limit combined to both accounts or we can open 2 accounts with 150000 each (300000).

  • Ramesh

    Can HUF deposit amount on the member (child) SSK account and claim tax benefit ? The SSK account was opened after HUF was formed and child is member of HUF.

  • sumit bartwal

    dear sir, i have only 1 daughter .i opened ssa for my daughter in union bank in 2016 but i also opened ssa in post office in 2018 (i have not read terms and cond. for ssa). please help how can i close my post office account and get money.

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